Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Children of the Damned

This is one of my favourite drawing, we were given a passage to illustrate we had 2 choices, one is Snow White and second one is Zombie Kids. And of coz i chose the zombie kids. So the sotry goes there was a car accident, a teacher was on a school bus after the crash she got off the bus, and while she was still dizzy and stuff she avoid a decaying thing, then she saw her students' corpses were scattered around lying lifelessly, and the next moment, they all got up and started walking towards her. So I chose to illustrate party when the students are walking towards her, without the school bus.

Everything here is in perspective, shadows, reflections, the characters and so on.

Pencil on paper
16 X 20
Fall 2007

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Adriana said...

Itz another nice one! I like it too bro! I finally start to understand ur drawings..~!